Maribeth Sadie, Ph.D. – Psychologist

Maribeth Sadie, Ph.D. - Psychologist

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Dr. Sadie is a licensed psychologist with many years of experience in the public, as well as private sectors. Maribeth has had extensive training and experience in assessing and treating depression, anxiety disorders including panic, PTSD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and ADD/ADHD in children and adults. She has provided family therapy to alcoholic families, as well as led groups to enhance communication between couples and within families, groups on effective parenting, weight and self-esteem issues. Additionally, Dr. Sadie provides individual and group therapy for depression, anxiety, Bi-polar Disorder, and abuse survivors. Maribeth treats children as young as five and adults to age seventy five.

Dr. Sadie regularly performs psychological testing and evaluations and has begun performing such evaluations at the request of physicians and insurance companies to determine psychological and emotional stability of individuals prior to Bariatric surgery. In her practice, Dr. Sadie utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach along with EMDR and various relaxation techniques as tools to assist her patients during the healing process.