Margaret Pofahl, LCSW

Margaret Pofahl, LCSW

(262) 782-2090 ex:1100

Margaret is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been providing psychotherapy for 25+ years. She works with a variety of ages from 16 to 70+ doing individual, couples and group therapy.

Some of her specialty areas include sex abuse/incest, rape, family of origin issues, depression, stress, anxiety, shame/self esteem, relationship/intimacy and gay/lesbian issues. Margaret is also proficient in working with personality disorders, chronic mental illness and dual diagnosis, and is a trained Trauma Specialist.

Margaret is open, honest, funny, caring and direct. Her philosophy is to delve into the source of the problem. A non-traditional therapist in every sense of the word, she uses from her “therapeutic tool box” an array of techniques that are warranted for each individual client. The “tools” include delving into past patterns of behavior that are no longer working today and continue to have a profound affect on the individual’s ability of embracing self. This is accomplished by using and not limited to psychodynamic, insight oriented, gestalt, experiential, psychodrama, emotional release, inner child exploration, EMDR, imagery rescripting, visualization techniques.

Margaret is very aware that she has as much to learn from her clients as they do from her. She imparts the wisdom she has experienced for her own healing from trauma and alcoholism. Margaret will never ask a client to do something she has not done for herself, as she sees herself as the “guide” for the client’s own personal journey.